Por Vida II

All portraits taken by Chas Ray Krider, in the Brian Reaume sanctuary installation room. Scroll down to previous blog entry for photos of the room itself.

This round of photos shows the transformation (the tail end at least) of the studio of Brian Reaume.
His total studio installation was created as a sanctuary space that was used that night for portraits of our guests.
I'll post some of those portraits next.

Brian Reaume went above and beyond the call of duty to create this space. He stitched each tapestry together, painted and roughed up the baseboards, created a cathedral ceiling with player piano rolls, etc. He went down to the detail of every aspect of the space. It was amazing.
The two backdrops you see were painted by Kelly Henninger. Kelly created the backdrop for Por Vida portraits the first year. I was really excited to see how she and Brian would produce together.
Click on the photo to enlarge, especially the one of the statue scene (not the close up), its beautiful.

and Por Vida 2009 press:
Columbus Alive
Columbus Dispatch


Its been a few days since Por Vida, and I've had enough time to sit back and assess how everything went. I'm so glad I stayed away from internet for the first couple of days, with only the use of my phone, I couldnt do much damage. I would've said a lot of things I dont mean, and concluded poorly on the whole thing.

I learned a lot from this years event. All very good suggestions came to me immediately after. I was so happy to see so many people I knew, and the ones I didnt recognize in full costume, made my night. Por Vida was open to everyone that wanted to celebrate the theme. To be in a place full of people that came specifically to celebrate for the spirit of the night was something I wish I had taken a moment to soak up that night. I'm just happy overall, Por Vida was well attended.
The cons of the event were few, but things I'll certainly hope to improve next year.
1. I'll host Por Vida the night before High Street Highball, so people dont feel like they have to choose or feel bad about being in Halloween costumes.
2. I'll host an art preview earlier in the day for those interested in viewing the art, all ages as well so folks can bring their kids if they'd like. There will be little entertainment, food and drink as well. Since the event was so late in the night and one night only, the art just didnt get a fair shake. And since there were so many people, the art became overshadowed. I'm sorry to the artists for this. I'll be sure to spotlight your work more respectfully next time.
3. Overall layout will change a bit. I really LOVED the performance of Moonhigh. I'd like to keep that consistent. More options to view performance, in separate spaces to spread people out.
4. Post artwork to the blogsite. This is all still somewhat new to me, and I'm learning to get ahead foe next year. The artwork will be posted beforehand se you can see what will be up, and inquire if interested without the intimidation of attending the event and swimming a crowd.
5. I will have a price cap on the artwork so I can feel better about insuring it.
6. The sanctuary room for photos will be open to all. I felt bad the photos were only available to the people that could afford them. I'd like to open the space for people to take their own photos next year, and have a photographer handy in case you'd like to have a portrait done. Brian Reaume went above and beyond to create that amazing space, it shouldve been available for all to appreciate. It will be next year. Chas Ray was a great feature this year, and the pics I've seen are very cool. If you want to see his portraits, check them out here: www.motelfetish.com/porvida2009
7. I'm capping off the door cost at $5. the admission cost had searching high and low for change and dollar bills all night. It was kind of ridiculous. My apologies.
I do hope the free Chicobags, food, drink and entertainment felt worth it however. Thanks to Por Vida II sponsors for hooking you up with those goodies. I hope to see your Por Vida bags around town and beyond. You should send me a pic if yours makes its way to obscure locations, like the garden gnome. I'll post it to the blog site.

If you have anymore suggestions, please post them here or the blogsite. I'm open to hearing all of them. If you have pics, please send them to artfulF14@yahoo.com


Thanks to Juxtapoz.com for announcing the event!
Columbus Alive features Por Vida this week, on stands on the 29th.
Melissa Starker did interviews with Dusty Rabjohn, Donny Humes, and Sharon Bell
to talk about their interpretation on the theme.
The Columbus Dispatch will have a little blurb in their weekender edition, with a pic from last year,
and hopefully they picked the couple in the superior costumes of the evening.

If you heard me this morning on CD101, then not only are you an early bird, but you heard a lot of
"um's" and "uh", which is only indicative of my serious stagefright in most situations.
Lucky you.

A few days away, and this space is becoming something extraordinary.
Come out on Saturday, be my guest.

Kat Marie Moya

heres the link to the Facebook event page for Por Vida, please share it!
my website: The Artful Dodger
and my Facebook: Kat Marie Moya


Saturday, October 31st, 10pm-2am

Day of The Dead themed fine art by 25 different artists from all over the map.
You will see a wide variety of interpretation from these artists, all listed below.
Some of them have created multiple works. There will be a few installations, large work and small.

Pattycake Vegan Bakery will providing fantastic food throughout the evening, so come with an appetite for tasty treats!

At 11pm, Moon High music will playing a set. They are a very welcomed, and highly anticipated guest for Por Vida 2, be sure to catch them, you wont be sorry.

DJ Captain Lonesome will spinning all night, and has a desirable collection of old and rare soul. Bring your dancing shoes, shake them bones.

Dont forget that Chas Ray Krider will be taking portraits throughout the evening. The studio transformation is in the works for that as well, as Brian Reaume and Kelly Henninger are creating a sanctuary space with a large variety of options. Chas is an artist, and you can expect him to go above and beyond in this photo space. He will be amazing, no question about it.
You can arrange purchase of your portraits with him exclusively.

American Canvas has donated printing of the Chicobags we'll be handing out to the first 300 in the door.
Be sure to get your compact, enviro-friendly, and reusable shopping bag to commemorate this years Por Vida!

There will be a wall of remembrance for all guests to post notes, photographs, and stories about our lost loved ones. Last year, quite a few people came prepared with a printed homage to these individuals. This party is for them, in celebration of our time with them, and to collectively honor them.

Were are so very thankful for the support of our sponsors. This event is a true collection of our local best, with artists from all over that have spent significant time in our fair city. Por Vida showcases the spirit of Columbus through art, food, and music. Guests of Por Vida help us to achieve our goal with their creative contribution of visual magnificence through costuming, their sincere gesture of respect for their lost loves, and to bringing the overall positive energy element to this event.

We will transform Junctionview Studios to create a festive environment with a variety of places to peruse.
Everything is falling right into place, we'll look forward to you bringing the heart and soul of the operation.

Por Vida!


I'm getting posters and postcards printed this week. These will be delivered to sponsors and friends of Por Vida so be on the lookout for them.
Were getting reusable shopping bags printed with Por Vida logo and 2009 sponsors to hand out at the event. So be the first to get some Por Vida memorabilia the night of! LIMITED EDITION OF 300, and one per guest.

Everything is off to a great start, I believe were ahead of schedule and what a relief.
Check back for news to come about door prizes and award for best costume/s.



* If you've never heard the sounds of Moon High, be sure to check them out at Por Vida, they'll be going on at or around 11pm.
I saw them a few months ago, and because of their mood altering performance and good attitude, I was very excited to ask them to play at the event, even more excited they accepted.
If you'd like to hear them, you can check them out here

* Local artist Alissa Sorenson has offered to create and sell her grave rubbing scarves at Por Vida. She'll be making them specifically for the event, with a "Por Vida" insignia, if you'd like to have some beautiful, and useful memorabilia.
You can see her work here

* DJ Captain Lonesome is once again spinning his old and rare soul collection and is all too excited to throw some of his Halloween picks into the mix, so come prepared to shake those rattley bones.


click to enlarge


I'm very proud to announce the sponsor list for Por Vida this year.
These businesses, these people are responsible for the fun you'll be having,
so check them out, and THANK THEM for participating!! This event is only possible
with their help. These are the best places in town, so check out their websites
and pay them a visit! These are all active links to their websites.
Jay & Lori Moffett
our portrait photographer is Chas Ray Krider
our event photographer is Cory Ryan
DJ Captain Lonesome
live band Moonhigh
*there will be burritos for sale, a delicious spread by Pattycake Vegan Bakery
*bottled water will be for sale, we'll make some punch, and there will
even be PBR in the house!
*The Por Vida 2008 mural (compliments of Coreroc, Joey Monsoon, and Dan Gerdeman) will be up for posting notes all night, and you'll want to be ready to have your portrait taken by Chas Ray Krider at the lifesize shadowbox being built by Brian Reaume and painted by Kelly Henninger.
Art will be for sale, and displayed one night only. The work is being created specifically for this event, please take a look at the fantastic list of artists this year.
Come prepared to dance, eat, gander, pose, and commemorate. This will surely be a night to remember.
I'm still working on graphic design for the event, so stay tuned, MUCH more to come.


I'm very excited to announce the artist list for Por vida this year.
There are a total of 26 this year:
Laura Alexander
Laine Bachman
Thia Bella
Adam Brouillette
Sharon Bell
Matt Brown
Keith Elliot
Naomi Fuller
Dan Gerdeman
Jason Goad
Kelly Henninger
Donny Humes
Chi-Kit Kwong
Aaron Bluefoot McCort
Joey Monsoon
Roney Moya
Kat Moya
Amy Neiwirth
Andy Pak
Augie Pagan
Dusty Rabjohn
Brian Reaume
Robyn Roth
Jaimi Tadsen
Charles Wince
This is the complete list for 2009.
I will update with links to their webpages as I gather them.
Next up, I'm securing all sponsors, and will add the newest poster design when that list
is complete. Most of the sponsors from last year are on board for this year as well, with a few new additions. I'm REALLY happy to have them, as they are truly the best establishments this
town has to offer.
Stay tuned, I'm just getting started:)
Kat Marie Moya


This years Por Vida event will actually be celebrated on Saturday, October 31st at Junctionview Studios in Grandview.
Like last year, we will provide art, food, drink, music, photography, and more. I'm very excited to announce that our photographer this year will be none other than Chas Ray Krider of Motel fetish fame. Chas and I are brainstorming on an extended project to provide a more diverse setting for customizing the scene according to your attire and theme. Were pushing the boundaries of lighting, atmosphere and artistic expression. Look for the first promotional work for Por Vida around early September. Chas and I are already off to great start with a collaborative to announce this years event.
Feel free to check back as often as you'd like. Once this ball gets rolling, the event will promise a much greater experience.
-Kat Moya