Por Vida I

Por Vida I photos can be found on the Flickr site, HERE

In the first half hour of opening the doors of Por Vida, I felt that all of the energy and stress that went into preparing for it was WELL worth it. The attendance was ENORMOUS! But even better, its the quality of those that attended that made the whole atmosphere the best. Those without Day of The Dead themed costumes were in the minority, and I cant wait to get the pictures of the variety of costumes there. There were quite a few photographers and theyve all promised me a disc of pics, so as I get them, I will post them. The pic up top is the band of Mariachi that RULED the dance floor with their performance, and everyone loved it. Thanks to them, and honestly I had no idea who they were, so even better they went all out!
There were 10 pieces of artwork sold throughout the night, so currating was a success as well. We had one fantastic collection last night, and apparently a lot of guests with great taste! I will post pics of the collection too.
The wall filled up with sentiments all night, and I had tears in my eyes going through them. I dont want to take the wall down, but I have too. I've decided the put the messages in box and bury it. There will be a beautiful place for these, I promise.
Folks were dancing all night, thanks to DJ Captain Lonesome. He hit the nail right on the head in keeping people moving. Nothing like watching the dance of the dead.
Nick Fancher of Shutterthink photography was busy all night taking some really great portraits. He let us see a few on the screen of the camera, and I cannot wait to see them all. I noticed he has a few posted on his Flicker site so far, so go have a look and note the incredible mural background done by Kelly Henninger, she really busted her butt on that thing. Its AMAZING in those pics.
El Pirata Borracho sold out of burritos, Pattycake Bakery had a hell of a spread with sugar skulls you could even decorate yourself, they were a huge hit. Sharon Bell brought along some homemade salsa, and my super assistant Metal Crystal set up a truly authentic festive spread herself with homemade cookies, fruit, and candy.
Brian Reaumes sanctuary room was quite popular, the alters therein, and his tremendous effort of setting up his space was well appreciated by all. Violette market sold more than a few seasoned essential oils, the door prizes were a big hit, and best costume was well deserved. There were however so many great costumes that I felt like an asshole giving the prize to only one. It was a hard decision to make, realllly hard. 
There are a few regrets and just a few. Someone didnt make sure to hand out the printed bandanas, buttons, and wooden nickels to al the guests. We had many attendees that didnt even know about them. These were all free and printed for you, so if you didnt get yours, please let me know, its a commemorative gift that shows my appreciation for the sponsors, the event, and you for coming to enjoy yourselves with us. 
Also, it was too late to change the wording on our printed material about not being able to get face painters for the event. So a lot of people showed up expecting that and avoided painting themselves up for it. I'm truly sorry for that, we tried.
The big question most asked ALL night was "will you have another one?". Its a a little too early to commit to that, but the turnout was so tremendous, how can I not? There a few changes I'd make, but for the most part, if given 6 months and not my month and a half it took me to decide then plan this year, I'd surely be better prepared. It could only get better, but I do not want it to get bigger. I thought the amount of people throughout the night was perfect. So keep your ear to the ground, because next time I'll be more sleuth about it to avoid over populating such a great event and celebration. 
Thank you for coming, and thank you for playing along.
Stick around for more pics of Por Vida ..........


Seagull Bags has made the best bag I've ever seen for Por Vida!
You'll have to attend to see it and wear the BEST Dia De Los Muertos costume to win it.
Winners of door prizes are announced at midnight, winner of best costume at 1am.
Robert Trautman of Outlook Weekly will be photographing the event throughout the night, so be prepared for some good ones, and thank to him we will have some great


The photographer taking set portraits is none other than Nick Fancher.
I've posted a link for his site a few posts ago, but I thought I'd post a few of his pictures here for you to see his work. Most recently, I worked as the tattoo artist for his event, Awesomefest in September, and these are a few of the attendees photographed......
I just cant wait for you to see the wall mural that Kelly has painted, she did such a fantastic job and my only regret that we didnt have it painted on a removable surface, its right on the wall!
So enjoy it while you can!
Por Vida is tomorrow evening, starts at 10pm!!!! I've been in the building all week preparing space, and I think it looks great. I cant wait to fill it up and I hope you all have a wonderful time. 


Thanks to CD101, we had a little air time to pump up the event today!
Me, very nervous/excited and babbling out of control, so thank god they hearded me back in he right direction. 
Listen in to CD101 to hear the sound bite throughout the week, and get a chance to win a four pack of tickets on air!

First 101 get a free Cd101 t-shirt!

Thanks to Dan Gerdeman, Joey Monsoon, and Coreroc, the wall mural is a masterpiece!


The Agora 5 is next weekend, and I'll have some promo material by then to pass around. 
I've been working with American Canvas to screen print some posters and the bandanas for the event, theyve been so kind with their input and helping to make this all happen. the posters will be limited edition screen print for sponsors only, but there will be standard prints for you to purchase for super cheap on the night of the event. There will be a great deal of FREEEEE stuff too, so dont worry, you'll be going home with a goody bag:)
I'm also working with K. Henninger to complete a backdrop for the photography set. ShutterThink Photography will be applying their creativity to the process, and these photos will be portraits to remember. Dont forget to bring some extra cash because you'll be able to purchase these prints, and I believe they will be orders you will be able to place with the photographer himself, none other than Nick Fancher. He is kind enough to participate, he's excited about it, and I cant think of a better talent for this theme. If you have not seen his work, check out the link, as he was the organizer, AND photographer for Awesomefest this year.
For the shrine, CoreRoc and I will be collaborating on the wall mural. He's got mucho experience with big work, and his color theory is super good. this mural will be an entire wall dedicated to posting the names and messages to our lost loved ones, may they family, friends, people you never knew, pets, etc. I'm SO excited to see what this will look like by the end of the night, and it'll be composed of your own additions throughout the event.
I dont want to forget to mention that we have a security team intact too!!
Peck Bros Security Detail will holding down the law all evening, and I trust them to hold it down! They'll be keeping theyre eyes on the unruly types, so be on the lookout!! I told them they have to be in costume too:)


I've completed the poster for Por Vida(click on image to enlarge), with all sponsors and artists included.
Weve been getting so much support that I've had a few people contact me to get on board,
and without these sponsors this party wouldnt be half as great. I am so fortunate to have all of these businesses, that I myself LOVE, to be a major part of this event.
Weve got Amy D now a part of the event, she'll be setting up a table, and selling some of her awesome handmade goodies that will go hand in hand with the party.
Do NOT forget, AGORA 5 is just days away, and there will be some posters and postcards for Por Vida to take home with you, not to mention TONS of fantastic artwork to see and buy.
Stay tuned! 


Well all sponsors are set, all artists are secure, and I've decided to invite a handful of vendors along to display their wares and they'll all be available for purchase.
I met with Lori Young of Violette Market, she brought along some REALLY awesome samples of her essential oils, a recent series of Halloween themed scents. I yanked a handful and have been wearing them. She'll be setting up a spot at the entrance, so be sure to stop at her table and sample them. She'll be debuting a handful in particular, and will have much more to offer that evening.
Pattycake Bakery will have a table full of their goodies also. I've asked Jen to be a part of the event, and told her to get creative and go off with it. I have no doubt she's getting that together, and I cant wait to see what they come up with. 
El Pirata Borracho will be debuting in their pirate ship, offering up all kinds of burritos over the plank. Word on the street is that they KICK ASS, and will go "overboard" (harhar) for event!
Stay tuned, more to come!!!!


There has been mucho foot work this week in search of sponsors.
I have asked only the businesses that I feel would compliment the events theme, and would be into attending this kind of thing too!
So far, here is the confirmed list of sponsors, and I'll amend the list, as more get added. I've got a handful yet to contact, but after them, its a done deal! I've been fortunate enough to find the support is there from the people I wanted most to be involved, so it just gets me more pumped on this whole thing. 
the list:
Lucky 13 Hair Salon
PattyCake Vegan bakery
Spoonful Records
B1 Bicycles
Mahan Gallery
Seagull Bags
Yankee Trader
What The Rock
American Canvas
Luck Bros Coffee House
Pabst Blue Ribbon 
Bill Bailey (American Family Insurance)
Embassy Board Shop
Rivet Gallery
Surly Girl
Lori and Jay Moffet Foundation
Also, the mariachi band is almost secure, but thats still in the works!! 
Print material will include:
wooden nickels (AND they'll be worth something!)
Stay tuned, as it seems everyday is something new to make an exciting addition to the event!


*Were throwing a HUGE party for Day of The Dead at Junctionview Studios!* 
* costume party!
-theme specific, of course.
* art opening!
-I'm SO excited to display this group show of theme specific work, created especially for the event. All will be for sale, and at affordable prices. 
Confirmed artists to date:
-Joey Monsoon
-Dan Gerdeman
-Phil Kyle
-Adam Brouilette
-Daniel Elson
-Sharon Bell
-Scott Santee
-Augie Pagan
-Naomi Fuller
-Jason Goad
-Keith Elliot
-Josh "The Hand" Hayward
-Dusty Rabjohn
-Kat Moya
-Robyn Roth
-Michael Newton
-Thia Bella
-Steve Cvinar
-Anne Holman
-Devon Palmer
-Laura Alexander
-Roney Moya
* Dj Captain Lonesome spinning old soul and macabre
* Day of the Dead "prom-like" portraits of costumed guests. Photos by Shutter-Think!!!
* skeleton face painting
* and a HUGE shrine for all of us to decorate and commemorate our loved ones lost
must be 21+ to enter
$3 wearing costume, $5 without
***** There are tons of costume ideas online, go all out!